Water Damage Restoration Marketing

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The Unique Aspects of Marketing a Water Damage Restoration Business

Owning or managing a water damage restoration business requires a strategic approach to marketing. Despite offering top-tier water damage repair services, the key to sustaining and growing your business lies in generating quality leads. 

What sets us apart is a unique focus on marketing towards insurance agents, plumbers, and fellow contractors, in addition to homeowners directly. By concentrating efforts on building strong connections within these professional networks, we maximize success in lead generation. 

This specialized approach ensures that our marketing strategies align with the distinct dynamics of the water damage restoration sector, bringing steady business growth to your doorstep.

Water Damage Services

The Frequency of Water Damage

Marketing to homeowners for water damage services is challenging due to the inconsistent frequency of incidents. Focusing on insurance agents, plumbers, and contractors yields more reliable results in this specialized industry.

Lead Generation

The Water Damage Lead Generation

Lead generation companies sell pricey leads, typically $200-500 each. While a short-term solution, securing significant jobs can justify the cost. However, long-term success relies on building networks and digital presence.

Pay-Per Click (PPC) – Google Ads

Google wants you to click these ads. Look at what they’ve done over the last decade to try and force more and more people to do so.  Now, by survey, only 1 out of ten people will click on them, but those people have jobs too, and if you budget correctly, you should be making more than you spend here.

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