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Highly Important Factors

The key to successful paid lead generation campaigns starts with attracting the right audience.

Clearly define who your ideal customer is and tailor your ads and landing pages to their specific needs.

Use strong calls to action and high-quality creatives to grab attention, then make it easy for them to convert with a clear value proposition and a user-friendly lead capture form.

Finally, track your results and constantly test different elements to optimize your campaigns for maximum lead generation and ROI.

"Soo how exactly do I do that?"

It’s not too difficult to learn what you need to do; the hard part is figuring out how you need to do it.

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Conversion Tracking

Any lead generation campaign always needs to start with rock solid conversion tracking. 

How can you figure out what works best when you don’t know what works?

We recommend What Converts as a very reliable and affordable solution.

Ad Copy and Creatives

Your ad copy needs to be eye-catching with a compelling call to action. 

Shorter headlines perform better than long ones, but don’t sacrifice the clarity of the message for conciseness.

Creatives should also be eye-catching and intrigue your viewers.

Google Ads Example
Quality Landing Page Example

Quality Landing Page

The page you’re directing your ads to is just as important as the ads themselves.

How the page design looks and the content that’s on it are two of the most important things.

The content needs to be extremely relevant between the ads and landing page.

A/B Testing

Whether your ads and landing page are working well or not, they could always be better. 

Constantly A/B test small changes to see how you can optimize both in the most effective way. 

Keyword: “small” It’s tempting to want to completely change everything up, but that’s an inefficient way to figure out exactly which factor is working.

A/B Testing Example
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Boost Your Business From All Angles

SEO might bring in a flood of website visitors, but not all are ready to convert.

Paid lead generation could target the right audience, but might lack the brand trust SEO builds.

The magic happens when you combine them.

Bring them together to draw in high-quality customers ready to do business.

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